Haringey Justice for Palestinians  is an independent, non party-political organisation that campaigns for justice for the Palestinian people, advocating civil, political and Human Rights in accordance with International Law. Therefore we campaign for an immediate end to Israel’s illegal occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land, for the right of return of Palestinian refugees, and for an end to the second class status of Palestinian citizens living within Israel. We oppose all forms of racism including anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim prejudice.

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You can have a look at past events we organised, as well as some resources and articles, including our very own amazing monthly review of the press and web on Palestine.


  • HJfP in Action – C – Gaza demo August 2014
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  • HJfP in Action – Reaching out to Spurs fans on match day
  • HJfP in Action –  Bedouin Women s Co-operative, no. 2
  • HJfP in action – Panel with Tony Benn-page-001
  • HJfP in action – National demo against  Cast Lead , January 2009-page-001
  • HJfP in action – Bedouin Women’s Co-operative, no. 7
  • HJfP in Action – Palestinian flags waved at BBC Proms by HJfP, 2013
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  • HJfP in Action – at The Wall with the Mayor of Aizaria
  • HJfP in Action – D – Gaza demo August 2014


HJFP Newsletter: 15–31 January 2015


Palestinian Art

Palestine Arts Festival onlinePalestineArtFestival


Zaytoun Olive oil and other products

We are currently  preparing for Fairtrade Fortnight which runs from 23 February – 8 March and sincerely hope that Mohammad Rsheid, an active member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association, will be with us during Fortnight to promote his Fairtrade olive oil and almonds. Taysir Arbasi from Zaytoun is also planning to come to the UK during Fortnight to talk to UK consumers about fair trade from Palestine.

We now offer a Trees or Life postcard if you would like to sell olive tree planting as an alternative gift on stalls and at events. The postcard is in the form of a small certificate which has a blank space to insert the recipient’s name and thanks them for planting five olive trees in Palestine.

Zaytoun CIC – Celebrating ten years of fair trade with Palestine

Find us on Facebook and Twitter www.zaytoun.org  – 1 Gough Square, London, EC4A 3DE  – 0207 8321351 or 0781 4477188. Source: Zaytoun CIC, 19.01.2014


Film Screeining, Q&A and Book Launch | The Orchard Keepers | 4 February 2015

P21 Gallery invites you to the film screening & book launch:

The Orchard Keepers  by Bryony Dunne  2014 – 28 min – Arabic with English sub-titles

Wednesday, 4 February 2015, 19:00 – 21:00    RSVP: https://podio.com/webforms/10834708/770913

Please see the attached invite for more details.  We very much look forward to seeing you on the evening of the 4th. Location: 21 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD.  Nearest underground: King’s Cross/St. Pancras and Euston Station. Web: www.p21.org.uk


Join us ask HEWLETT PACKARD VP of education: What of the palestinian children you’re helping to kill?

DATE: Thursday 22nd Jan 2015, 11:30am – 2:00pm

LOCATION: ExCel, E16 1XL (Come via Custom House DLR – follow footbridge to entrance)
FACEBOOK EVENT:   https://www.facebook.com/events/1019154264765133
On Thursday 22nd January Hewlett Packard’s Vice-President for Worldwide Education, Gus Schmedien, will address BETT 2015 at the ExCel centre, speaking about HP’s education solutions. BETT (British Education and Training Technology)  is the world’s leading education learning technology event which attracts over 35,000 people working in the education sector.
Please join us on Thursday as we ask HP’s VP what of the children in Palestine that HP is helping kill. HP provides and manages the IT infrastructure of the entire Israeli military which killed over 500 children last summer and has been found guilty of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity by the United Nations Human Rights Council.  One Palestinian child is murdered by Israel every 60 hours for the past 14 years. Between the start of BETT on Tuesday to when HP’s VP stops talking at the podium on Thursday one more Palestinian child will have been killed. Hewlett Packard, one of the top 20 armament companies in the US,  with its $6 billion investment in Israel, provides and manages the IT backbone of Israel’s entire killing machine – from the army, to the navy, to the Ministry of Defense – that makes such slaughter possible.
Last year Israel abducted 1266 Palestinian children – that’s one child taken from their parents every 7 hours! 40% of the 600 that were taken from Jerusalem alone were sexually abused by Israeli soldiers during arrest or interrogation.  During interrogation 75% of Palestinian children detained by Israel are physically tortured. Hewlett Packard keeps those torture dens and dungeons where Palestinian children are caged and abused, operational by the IT infrastructure it provides to the Israeli Prison Service. Join us ask HP’s VP if he is proud of the torture and sexual abuse of children that his company facilitates?
The ExCel is served by the Custom House DLR station, we will meet at 11:30 on the footbridge from Custom House station approaching the entrance of ExCel at 11:30am sharp.
Source: www.inminds.com  20 January 2015

Israel sentences and fines 14-year-old girl

The Israeli military court in Ofer sentenced the imprisoned 14-year-old Malak Al-Khatib, from Betin in Ramallah, to two months in prison and fined her $1,528. Malak has already spent 22 days in jail awaiting her sentencing.

Israel continues to keep a 14-year-old Palestinian girl under arrest

EXCLUSIVE IMAGES: Gaza’s children: We deserve our basic human rights

The effects of Israel’s occupation on Palestinian women

Rights group condemn Israel’s ban on UN official’s travel to West Bank

Israeli soldier gives 74-year-old Palestinian woman water then shoots her in the head

During the Israeli bombardment and shelling of the Gaza Strip last summer, an Israeli soldier approached a 74-year-old Palestinian woman Ghalya Abu-Rida to give her a sip of water. He gave her the water, took a photo with her and then he shot her in the head from a distance of one metre. He then watched as she bled to death, the Palestine Information Centre reported.  On 3 August, the Israeli forces announced a truce and allowed medical staff to reach the Khuza’a area. Ghalya was found dead after she bled to death as she was shot in the head near her house, Al-Aqsa TV confirmed to MEMO. Continue reading…

Japan pledges $100m to rebuild Gaza

During a visit to the region, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged $100 million for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.
Read the full story on our site…

 ‘From Ramallah to al-Naqab’ – Remembering the Fallen

PHOTO STORY: ‘From Ramallah to al-Naqab’ – Remembering the Fallen Source:  Middle East Memo, 21 January 2015



Football Association of Wales: Do not play with Apartheid



Gaza Winter Crisis

Please take urgent action for Gaza – we need to increase political pressure

In Gaza, 1.8 million Palestinians are being pushed even further into a humanitarian crisis. The terrible winter weather, combined with the ongoing siege and the constant attacks by the Israeli army, with the harshest phase of this winter, is killing Palestinians. Children and the elderly are most at risk.

Please email/write/phone your MP now and ask them to write to David Cameron urgently on your behalf to raise the following points:

·         Six months since the start of the Gaza war, which resulted in massive destruction and hardship, but the UK government appears not to be taking any steps to bring the blockade of Gaza to a complete and immediate end. Palestinians are dying as a result.

·         Israel and the UK must both uphold UN Security Council Resolution 1860 on Gaza access which obliges Israel to open Gaza’s port, and facilitate free movement of goods and people between Gaza and the West Bank, and obliges the UK governments to provide arrangements and guarantees to bring this about. The UK is failing to do this, let alone step in and help negotiate a ceasefire and access agreement before another war starts. The UK is quick to act when other countries breach UN Security Council resolutions on humanitarian access, but on Gaza it has failed to go to the Security Council.

·         Palestinians in Gaza remain homeless, struggle to find access to clean water, are jobless and farmers and fishing boats are regularly being shot at by Israeli government to go about their trade.  Over 700,000 truckloads of construction materials are needed to rebuild the homes and schools the population need but only a few hundred truckloads were allowed over the past six months.   The blockade is not about security. Israel demolished the Karni crossing which used sophisticated x-ray technology with a capacity to allow nearly a thousand truckloads of goods every day to transit Gaza. Why should Palestinians wait decades to rebuild their homes?

·         MPs and the UK government received more correspondence on the Gaza than any other international issue, and MPs have been very vocal, yet ministers have been silent on Gaza for months and I cannot find any information about UK efforts to end the blockade.

Urge the PM to take the following urgent steps:

-           urgently act to end Israel’s blockade
-           support genuine Palestinian reconciliation and not condition the delivery of assistance on political actions ensuring aid reaches all civilians in need without discrimination.
-           end all arms trade with Israel
-           seek compensation from Israel for damage they have caused to UK and EU funded aid projects

To find your MP’s contact details: www.writetothem.com
Please let us know their response – many thanks!
Source: PSC, 16.01.2015

PSC Election Campaign

The General Election on 7th May is our moment to challenge politicians to support Palestine. Quiz your candidates to find out who would support Palestinian human rights if elected to Parliament.  The majority of MPs have failed to promote Palestinian human rights in Parliament or Government. However, following Israel’s recent attacks against Gaza we have seen many more politicians speaking out against Israel’s on-going human rights outrages.

This General Election we have an amazing opportunity to capitalise on the sea-change in political and public opinion.  Once you’ve taken the action you’ll be taken to our new page where you can volunteer and get involved in the campaign in your local area. This is an exciting new tool where – as the campaign progresses – you can engage with other local activists.  Get involved. Let’s make sure voters can make an informed choice about how to vote in order to support Palestine!  If you know of candidates that aren’t listed please let us know. Source:  PSC

Vote Palestine – E-tool now live!!! Please circulate widely!!

Here is the link for the e-tool to lobby the prospective Parliamentary candidates at the forthcoming general elections!


The aim of this campaign is to put pressure on all prospective Parliamentary candidates for the next General Election, and we are hoping for a mass campaign, which will make it clear that Palestine is one of the main issues for voters in May.

We are asking you to please:

-          Publicise and circulate the link to the e-tool to all your contacts
-          Post the link on Facebook and twitter etc.
-          Ask other groups and organisations to share the link with their contacts

We are also asking your support for the campaign by:

-          Helping us to fill the gaps and letting us know of candidates not yet listed in our system
-          Identifying volunteers who will be taking part in the campaign over the coming months

The e-tool has a model letter, with some of the candidates linked in. There are a few candidates and their details missing, so it would be great if branches can help us to plug those gaps by sending candidates’ details here: http://iparl.com/candidates/candidate-new.php

If you have any local public events with candidates please make sure you advertise it on the national website (you can add the details here:http://www.palestinecampaign.org/events-form-test/?action=edit. Source:  Palestine Solidarity Campaign



https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/20472-no-more-forgotten-lives   [Action Day: Tuesday 27 January 2015, 8pm GMT