Haringey Justice for Palestinians  is an independent, non party-political organisation that campaigns for justice for the Palestinian people, advocating civil, political and Human Rights in accordance with International Law. Therefore we campaign for an immediate end to Israel’s illegal occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land, for the right of return of Palestinian refugees, and for an end to the second class status of Palestinian citizens living within Israel. We oppose all forms of racism including anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim prejudice.

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You can have a look at past events we organised, as well as some resources and articles, including our very own amazing monthly review of the press and web on Palestine.


  • HJfP in Action – C – Gaza demo August 2014
  • HJfP in Action –  Gaza demo poster, Bernie Grant Centre, 2009-page-001
  • HJfP in Action – Reaching out to Spurs fans on match day
  • HJfP in Action –  Bedouin Women s Co-operative, no. 2
  • HJfP in action – Panel with Tony Benn-page-001
  • HJfP in action – National demo against  Cast Lead , January 2009-page-001
  • HJfP in action – Bedouin Women’s Co-operative, no. 7
  • HJfP in Action – Palestinian flags waved at BBC Proms by HJfP, 2013
  • Slider intro page
  • HJfP in Action – at The Wall with the Mayor of Aizaria
  • HJfP in Action – D – Gaza demo August 2014



HJFP Newsletter 7: 15 – 21 February 2015


  • BDS news
  • 700 artists announce a cultural boycott of Israel
  • Prisoners
  • Palestinian mission upgraded
  • Thousands of Palestinian homes on Israeli demolition ‘shortlist’
  • Latest news from Palestine


  • Miko Peled
  • Facebook is taking Ads selling illegal Settlement Properties


  • BDS -  Israeli Bar Codes
  • Israel Bar Code change warning?
  • Gaza – will you help again?


Members of European Parliament: Pressure Israel to release Palestinian Child Prisoners


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