Tell the Prime Minister:
Pressure Israel until it ends Gaza siege

In July 2014, Israel began a sustained and devastating assault on Gaza, terrorising the Palestinian population of 1.8 million for 51 days. By August 26th, more than 2,200 Palestinians had been killed and much of Gaza reduced to rubble.

gazasiegeEntire families were wiped out, and more than 500 children and babies were killed, at an average of ten a day. Mosques, hospitals, schools, whole neighbourhoods were destroyed.Since a ‘ceasefire’ was announced, Israel has continued to attack Gaza. It refuses to allow essential building materials into the Strip, leaving the Palestinians unable to rebuild their homes and their infrastructure. Families continue to live among the rubble of their houses, without electricity or running water.

Aid agencies report that malnutrition is spreading.All this has been inflicted on a population living under occupation and siege. We call on the UK government to exert immediate pressure on Israel, including sanctions, so that it abides by international law, ends its attacks on Gaza, lifts the blockade and ends the occupation.
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Haringey Justice for Palestinians  is the Haringey branch of Palestine Solidarity Campaign. We are an independent, non party-political organisation that campaigns for justice for the Palestinian people, advocating civil, political and Human Rights in accordance with International Law. Therefore we campaign for an immediate end to Israel’s illegal occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land, for the right of return of Palestinian refugees, and for an end to the second class status of Palestinian citizens living within Israel. We oppose all forms of racism including anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim prejudice.

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