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Next HJFP meeting is on the Monday 4th February at 7.30 at The Garden House (Kitapevi) 410 High Road Tottenham N17 9jb


E-petition to UK Government

We have developed an e- petition which we have lodged on the UK government e-petition website saying "Britain should make amends to the Palestinian people now"

Please click and fill in your name and address to vote for it. Names and addresses are never published just number of votes

Please encourage family, friends, everyone you know to vote as well.

This petition was created and launched by Ghada Karmi Author ‘In search of Fatima’John Rose Author ‘Myths of Zionism’ , Kamel Hawwash Vice Chair of  Palestinian Solidarity CampaignKarl Sabbagh author ‘Britain in Palestine’  and  Tim Llewellyn BBC Middle East Correspondent for 10 years  with Haringey Justice for Palestinians (HJFP), Haringey Branch of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.


E-petition statement as on Government website

"Britain should make amends to the Palestinian people now
We call on our Government to acknowledge publicly that British policy and actions in Palestine from 1917 to 1948 led to catastrophe for the Palestinian people.
As Britain prepared to leave Palestine in 1948, its army stood by while Zionist forces terrorised hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into fleeing their homeland. In that way Palestine was transformed into Israel.
More than half of all Palestinians are still refugees today, most in dire straits. Israel denies them their right of return to their ancestral homes in what had been Palestine, and from the day of their flight has prevented them by force from returning.
As author of the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which was the origin of the catastrophe, and as the responsible power at the time of the crime, Britain has an obligation to make amends. It should acknowledge its share of responsibility for the creation of the refugee crisis, and recognize and promote the right of the refugees to return home. "

also see for more on Britain's culpability in the Palestinian tragedy and consequent obligations now.



Current / upcoming event



Continuing Campaigns

Truth and Justice for the Palestinians Campaign.


Twinning with Palestine Campaign


Stop Veolia Campaign

Tottenham Palestinian Literature Festival website 2011(intended to be bi annual)




Past Actions:



National Twinning Network Conference hosted by HJFP

Chestnuts Community Centre, 280

St Ann's Road, N15 5BN

on Jan 12th 2013 10.00 - 7.00





National Demonstration
Solidarity with Gaza
End the Siege Now
Saturday 24 November
Assemble Downing Street 12 Noon
March to the Israeli Embassy



Stop Veolia


No hand out of £4,700,000,000 to Veolia

Only a few weeks left to stop the biggest UK contracts awarded to Veolia

Veolia is complicit in Israeli Violation of International Law by providing services and infrastructure for illegal Israeli settlements

No North London public money to Veolia

Protest to stop Veolia getting NLWA contracts
Monday, 19 Nov 7pm
Haringey Civic Centre
High Road, Wood Green, N22 8ZW


HJFP hosted a meeting on

"Britain's Role in Palestine"

Friday Nov 2nd at 7.00 p.m. Doors open 6.30 p.m.
Friends Meeting House (opposite Euston station)
173 Euston Rd., London NW1 2BJ
Admission £3.00

Four prominent writers and activists will discuss the responsibility of the British State for the catastrophe that befell the Palestinian people:

Ghada Karmi:  “In search of Fatima”

Tim Llewellyn: BBC Middle East Correspondent for 10 years: Outspoken

critic of British media’s coverage of Palestine .

Karl Sabbagh:        Britain in Palestine

John Rose:           “The Myths of Zionism”

Chair: Kamel Hawwash, Vice Chair of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.




John Rose "Myths of Zionism" Extracts Balfour1 Balfour2 ( to view : download to PC, Open in Adobe Reader, use View/Rotate) .

Shlaim, A. 2009, ‘The Balfour Declaration & its Consequences’ in Shlaim, A. Israel and Palestine , reappraisals, revisions, refutations, London: Verso,

Edinburgh conference on Nov 2 ,2012 on 'Britain in Palestine'

Britain in Palestine exhibition.
at the Brunei Gallery, London
From 11th Oct to 15th December 2012

Curator: Anne Lineen





Early day motion on teaching British Palestine history

Please contact your MP to sign this.


Lobby your MEP today!

PSC call to lobby MEP

Contacting your MEP


Veolia boycott campaign

Dump Veolia as sponsor of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition

The Natural History Museum's inspiring Photographer of the Year exhibition is marred by its choice of sponsor Veolia, which provides services to the Israeli occupation by linking many illegal Israeli settlements to Israel via road and rail; and by dumping Israeli and settlement waste in the West Bank. This amounts to complicity in Israel’s grave breaches of the 4th Geneva Convention which forbids the establishment of settlements in occupied territory.

Veolia prides itself on the activities of all its constituent national companies, indeed on being a single entity worldwide, and on its social responsibility, high ethical standards and concern to act within the law. It repeats these claims time and again on its website. But it is far from being an ethical sponsor.

So we regard it as entirely inappropriate that the NHM should allow its flagship Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition to be sponsored by Veolia.

Sign our petition asking the NHM to find another sponsor! The deadline is 3rd March when the London exhibitiion ends.

You can find further information about the activities of Veolia in the occupied territories and the legal arguments in Veolia – a case to answer at


Anti Veolia re London Council's contracts Campaign

Letter to your Councillor

"if you live in Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington or Waltham Forest- this concerns YOU!

North London Veolia Action Group

NO 2 Veolia in North London!

Join our urgent call on North London Waste Authority to exclude Veolia from massive waste contracts in North London. North London residents can sign our open letter to councillors here and you can sign our petition here.


PROTEST to demand NLWA reject Veolia £4.7 million rubbish bids on Tuesday 25th September 2012, from 8.45am-9.45am at:

Camden Town Hall, Judd St, London WC1H 9JE [Opposite St Pancras Station and the British Library; between King's Cross and Euston]

See facebook event and invite others:

We’ll protest to demand the NLWA (North London Waste Authority) does not hand Veolia the colossal £4.7 billion Fuel and Waste contracts.
This is the most important protest, because on 25th September the NLWA will hold its last meeting before the December announcement of its decision.
We will bring our message to the councillors on their arrival to their meeting – most of them will arrive between 9-9:30am.




Previous postings:


Action: Vote for Palestinian film.

Posted on 15th Aug 2012

Dear friends,

The 2 minute short film below about the wall in Palestine has made it to the list of the Virgin shorts competition. If it wins it will screen for a whole year in UK cinemas and beyond running alongside other ads before block busters and commercial films. This is a great chance for us to reach an entirely new audience. The vote on the best film is open to the public and you can help this happen by just clicking a few buttons. Please do it and encourage your friends to share it with their lists and do the same.

You can vote by liking the film on facebook or by sharing it on twitter but do it through the link below where you can also view the film. If you want to tweet it separately please remember to include the film's name "They came in the morning" and the hashtag #ShortsLucky13

Help us make this go viral


The General Union of Palestinian Students - United Kingdom


You tube images of protest for prisoners on hunger strike.

posted on July 23 2012

We are twinned with Aizaria in East Jerusalem : Below are last month youtube images and descriptions of protests in support of prisoners on hunger strike on the road into Maale Adumin settlement.

Maale Adumin is a stratgeically built massive settlement near Aizaria which has 35,000 settlers and occupies land the size of Tel Aviv.

This illegal settlement has taken badly needed land from Aizaria and surrounding villages. Together with the wall it blocks access to Jerusalem for the Palestinians and separates East Jerusalem Palestinians into those inside and those outside the wall. The settlement has settler only highways for very speedy access into Jerusalem. It goes deep into the West Bank and separates the north from the south.