About HJfP

Haringey Justice for Palestinians  is an independent, non party-political organisation that campaigns for justice for the Palestinian people, advocating civil, political and Human Rights in accordance with International Law. Therefore we campaign for an immediate end to Israel’s illegal occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land, for the right of return of Palestinian refugees, and for an end to the second class status of Palestinian citizens living within Israel. We oppose all forms of racism including anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim prejudice.

We are affiliated to the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign   PSC

We are a member of the Twinning with Palestine movement and are twinned with Aizaria(Bethany) in East Jerusalem. We have made many exchange visits to Aizaria and have hosted people from Aizaria to come here.

We organise various activities in Haringey. For example, we are promoting the global movement for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli apartheid called for by Palestinian civil society. We run  film programs and discussions relating to Palestine-Israel.  We run local information stalls and engage with particular PSC projects.



HJFP meets on the second Monday of each month at 7.30 at The Garden House (Kitapevi) 410 High Road Tottenham N17 9jb. Newcomers welcomed!

Please get in contact with us by emailing to secretary at hjfp.org.uk if you would like to receive notices about our events, if you have an enquiry, or if you would like to be active with HJFP.