Resources from the BDS movement

First and foremost, read about the successful No To Veolia Action Group (no2vag) that campaigned to Stop Veolia in North London:

Following a two-year campaign by the No to Veolia Action Group (No2VAG), the multinational Veolia which profits from and supports the Israeli occupation of Palestine lost a £4.7 billion contract with the North London Waste Authority (NWLA) which represents seven north London boroughs.
The No2VAG campaign won in spite of opposition, sabotage and interference, first of all from Zionist organisations: ironically, local anger at their gross manipulation generated much publicity which contributed to pressure on Veolia and the NWLA.  After spending millions to secure the contract Veolia was forced to withdraw. (January 2013)

The Dump Veolia Information Group, with updates and resources for activists:

The Boycott Israel Network:

The London BDS group:

The BDS movement:

The excellent Corporate Watch report on corporations profiteering from the occupation in Palestine (Feb 2009):
and the corresponding blog: