HJFP Newsletter 5: 01–7 February 2015


Palestine: The Tipping Point. PSC Action Summit

A day of interactive workshops for activists on Saturday 14 March in London

Since the summer of 2014 there has been a seismic shift in public opinion on Palestine. And with that came a transformation in the influence we can have as a movement. Our goal is clear. We are fighting for freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinians. The only question is, what’s the most effective way to do it?

PSC’s Action Summit is about answering this question. It’s about the tactics and strategy we need to grow our movement in solidarity with the Palestinians. The Action Summit will provide an empowering space for activists to plan around key issues and get involved in PSC’s campaigns, including BDS campaigns, media bias, the 2015 General Election, and tackling the arms trade. This is our opportunity to escalate our campaign and use this tipping point in Palestine activism to make a difference for Palestine.

Speakers and facilitators include Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS movement – Owen Jones, author, activist and journalist at The Guardian – Karma Nabulsi, Palestinian academic – Hugh Lanning, PSC Chair and Sarah Colborne, PSC Director and more to be announced.

Full details on the PSC website – and on Facebook  To join PSC and get the PSC member ticket price for this event and all future events please click here!

Source: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 29.01.2015


How to stop Palestinians unionizing: Security, security, security

972 Mag– Read more>

Source: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 29.01.2015


63 MEPs call for suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement

ECCP – Read more>

Source: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 29.01.2015


Cycle Palestine

Places are filling up for a once in a lifetime chance to join a team of cyclists this September.

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Source:  Medical Aid for Palestinians, 30.01.2015



On the 15th of December the Israeli police arrested eight Arab residents of occupied East Jerusalem on charges of inciting anti-Israeli violence on Facebook. The arrests were made at a time when Jerusalem was experiencing conflict arising from extreme Israeli repression of any Palestinian political expression within the city.  Omar Shalabi, the former head of the Fatah Movement in the district of Jerusalem, and an official spokesperson of the movement, was arrested in the middle of the night. During the arrest, his young children, crying at their sick father being taken away, were held by the soldiers.

Omar Shalabi is known for his support for the Two States solution as supported by the whole Fatah movement, and for speaking publicly, in particular at many universities. He is a political figure, known also for his close relations and cooperation with various political parties in Europe, specifically in Germany and Sweden. He has supported and lead projects for democratic change and works tirelessly to raise awareness amongst young Palestinians of the importance of political change through democratic means.   Omar Shalabi’s only crime is to express his political opinion as a Palestinian and, as is perfectly legitimate in all democratic countries, to use Facebook as a platform. Israel however has decided to consider him a threat to its national security and, as the latest in a long series of attacks on him by the Israeli police, has now, brutally arrested him.

We are writing to you because we believe you support freedom of expression and the right to use the internet freely and without fear of arrest. This arrest is an infringement of the right of political expression in a conflict zone in which there is no-one to maintain International Law or to meet the demands from the many countries that recognize basic human rights.
We request that you support this case and end the unjust imprisonment of Omar Shalabi and thus prevent this leading into yet another dangerous round in a conflict that has already resulted in so much suffering for all the people who live in this city.




Source:  DYR, 30.01.2015


Public Talks at LSE

Wednesday, 11 February

Steven Heydemann (US Institute of Peace) :

Syria and the Future of the State Order in the Levant.

LSE Middle East Centre, Wolfson Theatre, LSE @ 6.30pm

Monday, 2 March

Carly Beckerman-Boys (Durham University):

British Politics and the Creation of Israel

[Political intrigues in Westminster]

LSE Middle East Centre, Wolfson Theatre, LSE @ 6.30pm


MEMO Commentary: UNRWA and the next explosion of violence against Gaza

There are several reasons for donors’ reluctance to deliver the $5.4 billion pledged to reconstruct the beleaguered Palestinian territory. For example, in the absence of any lasting political solution to the conflict and guarantees of future stability, they fear that sooner or later Israel will invade Gaza yet again and destroy what was rebuilt.

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Source: MEMO, 02.02.2015


Nasim Ahmed: The rise of ‘pro-Israelism’ in American politics

We’ve already been given a glimpse of the increasingly sycophantic political marriage between Washington and Tel Aviv with the latest debacle of the invitation extended to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by House Speaker John Boehner to address the US Congress weeks before Israel’s elections.  It will be Netanyahu’s third opportunity to sermonise in Congress; he received 29 standing ovations on the previous occasion, which is more than any US president let alone foreign leader has ever been given.

To put this into a historical context, Winston Churchill only addressed Congress three times and Netanyahu, described by his fawning supporters as the Churchill of our time, will now equal that record.
Read Nasim’s full article…

Source: Nasim Ahmed, Middle East Monitor, 02.02.2015

Fireworks – a new play from Palestine

“There’s no-one in the streets but us. You run that way and I’ll run this way. Whoever gets back to the front door first and without getting shot, wins.”

In a Palestinian town eleven year-old Lubna and twelve year-old Khalil are playing on the empty stairwell in their apartment block. As the siege intensifies outside, fear for their safety becomes as crippling as the conflict itself.

Dalia Taha’s play gives us a new way of seeing how war fractures childhood.

Fireworks was first developed during the Royal Court’s International Residency in August 2013. Dalia returned to London this summer and, in response to recent events, continued to develop her play.

Directed by the Royal Court’s International Associate Richard Twyman Fireworks (Al’ab Nariya), is part of International Playwrights: A Genesis Foundation Project, and will be accompanied by a series of Big Idea events, details of which are below.

Age guidance 14+

“It’s about the lies parents tell their children to protect them”

Download our podcast with writer Dalia Taha, director Richard Twyman and Royal Court International Director Elyse Dodgson.

Watch a video about the Royal Court’s work in Palestine since 1998

12 Feb – 14 Mar
By Dalia Taha
Translated by Clem Naylor    Directed by Richard Twyman
Jerwood Theatre Upstairs
Tickets: £20 (Mondays all seats £10)


Public Meeting: After Charlie Hebdo: Islamophobia and the War on Terror

6.30pm – Thursday 12 February
Camden Centre
Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE
Nearest tube: King’s Cross
For updates see: http://bit.ly/1J8FMK1

Registration is necessary. To ensure your place we advise you to register now.

Source:  Stop The War Coalition, 04.02.2015



 Saturday 7th Feb 12:30 – 2:30pm
Location: Meet outside De Beers Jewellers, 50 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4QT (Closest tube: Green Park)
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/568236186646145 

Last year Israel’s business news Globes (16th Nov 2014) reported that in the wake of the genocidal assault on Gaza, economic results show Israel’s economy had for the first time since 2009 contracted. The decline in GDP reflects decrease in investments and exports of goods and services right across the board. Tourism for example was down 77.5%. The only anomaly was the export of diamonds, they actually rose by 53.3% thus helping bail out the Israeli economy at this critical time when no one wanted to touch this genocidal regime. It would appear that most people don’t readily associate diamonds with Israel and its war crimes. The reality is that Israel’s diamond industry is a main source of funding for the Israeli military ( $1 billion every year according to testimony given at the Russell Tribunal in Nov 2010).
Valentines Day is a traditional favourite for engagements with 1 in 10 proposals happening on Valentine’s Day. According to the Israeli Diamond Industry, consumer surveys show 29.1% of men plan to buy Jewellery for Valentines Day. Join us on Saturday 7th December 2015 – the saturday before Valentines Day –  as we proceed down Old Bond Street on a rolling protest stopping at the businesses of the main peddlers of Israeli blood diamonds to reveal to the public the complicity of these companies in war crimes in Gaza. We will meet promptly at 12:30 outside De Beers at the corner of Old Bond Street and Piccadilly.

Source:  Inmindswww.inminds.com, 04.02.2015


Document on Anti-Semitism


Source:  Department of Communities and Local Government



We refuse to die in silence: Freedom of expression against the Israeli occupation

Please sign & forward to friends etc.




Gaza in crisis – Please take urgent action

As the bitter winter continues to batter 1.8 million Palestinians under siege in Gaza, UNRWA have announced that a shortfall in funding is forcing them to suspend aid to Palestinians whose homes were destroyed or damaged during Israel’s military onslaught last summer.

PLEASE help us tell Cameron to end the siege on Gaza – and if you have already written, please ask others so do so: palestinecampaign.org/gazaactionjan15/

An independent fact-finding investigation reports that Israeli troops fired on Palestinians waving white flags, and confirms the indiscriminate and total bombardment of the Gaza Strip last summer. While in some cases the Israeli military dropped warning leaflets or sent “warning strikes” or “roof taps,” this did not save lives as there were no clear boundaries of where the battlefield was. The army targeted possible escape routes, ambulances carrying wounded people, and individuals attempting to flee.

The Telegraph reports on the hundreds of thousands of children shellshocked after Israel’s massacre.  Take action now! palestinecampaign.org/gazaactionjan15/  Please follow @pscupdates for the latest information.

Source: Palestine Solidarity Campaign



In last summer’s attacks on Gaza his building took a direct hit from an Israeli bomb. His parents were killed. His home was destroyed. His legs were crushed when the house collapsed. He is lucky to be alive.  His injuries mean he may not walk again. But we’re going to do all we can for him.Children like Hassan need your help over the next year. Will you make a donation today?  Once a month a team of surgical specialists leave their familiar surroundings at King’s College Hospital, London to travel to Gaza. During these week-long visits they work alongside the Palestinian surgical team in Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital.  Together, despite the shocking scarcity of supplies, space and equipment, they rebuild the shattered limbs of people, like Hassan, who were caught up in Israel’s devastating 51-day assault last summer.  Look at the photo of Hassan again. This is who you will be helping with your support of this project. The UK surgical teams see Hassan regularly when they are in Gaza. Even now, months after his injuries, he is still unable to walk. He will need more operations to ensure his growth is not affected.

Like so many children of his generation in Gaza, this little boy has suffered unthinkable loss. And like any four-year-old, he wants to run and play.  We must continue saving lives in Gaza throughout the coming year. In order to make this possible, I am asking you today to make a donation to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

If the project funding continues with your help, these medical experts will be visiting Gaza regularly. On each visit, they will also bring specialist surgical equipment not available in Gaza needed by hospital staff. They will spend time on the wards and operating rooms working with the local surgeons to decide what can be done to reconstruct the limbs of each patient. The end goal of this project is to build the capacity of Gaza hospitals to give the highest standard of surgical care.

Our hope is that by the end of this year we will have bolstered the capability of hospital staff to the point where our support with this project is no longer needed.  The clock is ticking. Our funding is set to run out end of this month. We urgently need your support today so that this life-saving work can continue for the next 12 months.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Tony Laurance CBE
Chief Executive Officer, Medical Aid for Palestinians, 05.02.2015

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Tell HP’s CEO: “Don’t aid Israel’s war crimes”

Take action on Hewlett Packard!

Almost 9000 people have already signed our pledge not to buy HP products. Now we’re going directly to those at the top of HP and putting pressure on them to end the company’s complicity in Israel’s lethal occupation. Join the voices calling on them to end their involvement in Israel’s war crimes.

Sign our letter now!


HP provides Israel with specialised technologies which are integral to Israel’s system of oppression of the Palestinian people. HP profits from the illegal Israeli occupation by providing:

  • Key IT systems used by the Israeli navy to enforce the deadly blockade and destruction of Gaza
  •  Technologies used by the Israeli army to stop the free movement of Palestinians living in the West Bank, and to maintain Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, such as the BASEL system
  •   Services and technologies to major Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including Ariel and Mod’in Illit

The letter, with all your signatures, will be delivered to HP before its main shareholders meeting in March. Let’s get thousands of signatures onto the letter!

Source: PSC 05.02.2015

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